Archipelago National Park

Wilderness in Archipelago National Park

This PAN Parks Wilderness is the only continuous marine fishing free zone in the Baltic and hides many secrets of marine life. Its small isolated islands and rocks provide homeland for colonies of Gray and Ringed seals that laze on the sunny sandbanks. On the surface, moose and small rodents roam the windswept island forests.

And once in a while the White-tailed Eagle, the pride and emblem of the Archipelago National Park, circles in the sky on the hunt for prey. This species is the largest breeding bird in Finland and the whole of Northern Europe. Its wingspan can be as much as 2.5 meters and it can weigh 7 kg. Read more about the White-Tailed Eagle.

25 species of mammals live in the Archipelago National Park area, the most common ones being small rodents, but large animals like the moose can also be seen. Most part of the declining population of the Baltic Ringed Seal lives inside the National Park. The Grey Seal is a common presence and if you’re going on a boat trip you’ll likely see it almost anywhere in the National Park.

There are 132 breeding bird species in the Archipelago National Park and if you enjoy bird watching you’re in for a treat. The Mute Swan, the Greylag Goose and the Shelduck build their nests in the peaceful archipelago, while the Arctic Skua is spotted on the high rocks.

Flagship flora species: Brown algae, Eel grass

Flagship fauna species: White-tailed Eagle, Baltic Ringed Seal, Grey Seal

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