Central Balkan National Park

Central Balkan National Park

Autumn in Stara Reka Reserve

The highest waterfall of the Balkan Peninsula, the deepest cave of Bulgaria or the largest protected beech forest in Europe are just some of the attractions you’ll encounter in the Central Balkan National Park. However its biggest appeal lies in the area’s overwhelming biodiversity: 2.340 species of plants, 60 species of mammals and 123 nesting species of birds.

This is the first certified Wilderness Area of the Balkan Peninsula. It offers a safe home for all endangered iconic species from this part of Europe. Even more, it offers us the great possibility to experience and discover them. It’s no wonder this is the most popular hiking destination in Bulgaria.

Country: Bulgaria

Location: in the highest section of the Balkan (Stara Planina) Mountains

Area: 71.669 ha

Wilderness area: 21.019 ha (29.57% of total area)

Number of visitors per year:  60.000

Website: www.visitcentralbalkan.net

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