Cepkeliai-Dzukija National Park

Nature in Cepkeliai-Dzukija National Park

Nature in Cepkeliai-Dzukija National Park harbors many interesting and rare species, some of them unique for Lithuania or even for Western Europe.

The area provides home to wolves,  lynx, edible dormouse, otters, European beavers and other iconic mammals. In nearly every village situated in the woods, you’ll hear the sharp cry of the Green Woodpecker or the sound of the Hoopoe. Furthermore, dry riverside pastures and sand openings are a paradise for bees and bumblebees, and many rare species of butterflies enjoy the warm, open slopes around rivers.

There is an exceptionally wide range of habitats of European importance ranging from inland dunes with sandy grasslands and semi-natural dry grasslands, European dry heaths through open raised bogs, bog woodlands to Western Taiga and dry lichen pine forests. The meadows of the valleys are true orchid kingdoms. You may find examples of the Broad-Leaved, the Baltic, the Heath Spotted and the Dark Winged Orchids, all at the same time.

Flagship flora species: Eastern Pasque Flower, Dianthus arenaria, Cypripedium calceolus, Liparis loeselii, Orchis ustulata, Cephalanthera rubra, Arnica montana, Neottianhe cucullata.

Flagship fauna species: European Pond Turtle, Otter, Lynx, Grey Wolf, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Common Crane, Tengmalm’s Owl, Eagle Owl.

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