Fulufjället National Park

Nature in Fulufjället National Park

The Nature in Fulufjället National Park is a unique example of unfragmented piece of wilderness in the Scandinavian Mountains. This great Boreal forest is the home of brown bears, wolves, lynx and moose. The most extensive fields of lichens, not damaged by the grazing of semi-domestic reindeer,can be found in the center of the wilderness area, at the top of the Table Mountain. Ancient forests cover the mountain sides with huge and old spruces and pines.

Fulufjället National Park claims to have the richest bird life in the Dalarna region including the Bluethroat, the rare Gyrfalcon, the largest falcon on earth and the emblem of the park: the Siberian Jay. So, it’s definitely the place to go if you enjoy bird watching.

The most notable element of this park’s vegetation is without a doubt Old Tijkko, the world’s oldest tree, a 9.550 year old spruce. This species can reproduce by their twigs shooting roots into the ground. This is how Old Tjikko has been surviving in Fulufjället National Park for so long, by setting new roots. During warmer periods the spruce has grown upright, as a tree while during colder times it has grown more like a bush, letting the snow cover and protect it during the winters.

Flagship flora species: 35 species of reindeer lichens

Flagship fauna species: Elk, Brown Bear, Lynx, Beaver, Gyr Falcon, Siberian Jay (the emblem of the park), Golden Eagle

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