Küre Mountains National Park

Nature in Küre Mountains National Park

Nature in Küre Mountains National Park provides a living space for many different species, thanks to its geographical and geological properties. Six main ecosystems exist in the park, creating a high biological diversity that will amaze visitors and nature-enthusiasts.

The park is an excellent home for various types of mammals as 48 out of a total of 160 that live in Turkey can be found here, including  wild cats, otters,  brown bears and  red deer. It’s also the right place for those who enjoy bird watching as 129 different species were documented until now in the Park, among them the Egyptian Vulture, a globally endangered species. High cliffs with wide valleys are proper habitats for vultures, falcons, eagles and night raptorial. However, the area is also important for waterfowl that breed and spend the night by the seashore, and for temperate zone forest species.

This is also a rich area in terms of plants with 930 species identified, out of which 157 are endemic and 59 of the endemic species are on the Red List.

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