Paanajärvi National Park

Nature in Paanajärvi National Park

The scale of wilderness in this park is astonishing. The Boreal forests with lakes reach into far horizons with no sign of human presence, any roads or towns. This great example of pristine and remote wilderness favors the existence of an abundance of vegetation. Over 1.200 plant species have been registered on its territory and during your hikes you might just encounter some of its wonders such as Lady’s Slipper, Fairly Slipper and Red Baneberry. The slopes of Mount Niskavaara and Mount Munavaara have magnificent forest areas. Most of the nature in Paanajärvi National Park is completely untouched.

The masters of these forests are the Brown Bear, the Wild Reindeer and the Wolverine. Altogether, 36 mammal species inhabit this area, among them elks, lynx, hares and lemmings. In wintertime, near the rivers, you can find otters as well as wolf tracks. Many rare bird species nest in the nature in Paanajärvi National Park. The Golden Eagle can be seen hovering over its domains. The Black-throated Diver finds refuge on the large lakes, and the Red-throated Diver nests on small marshy lakes. You can come across the great Grey Owl as its population is high in the park’s rivers. And let’s not forget that  Paanajärvi Lake is inhabited by relic crayfish from when the lake was a bay of the White Sea.

Flagship species: European Diver, White-Tailed Eagle, Wild Reindeer, Wolverine, Otter, Brown Bear, Wolf

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