Rila National Park

Nature in Rila National Park

This Bulgarian national park is among the most significant sanctuaries for mountain flora and fauna in Europe. The beautiful nature in Rila National Park is also home to rare plant species, some of which cannot be found anywhere else and supports the largest high-mountain population of hamster and chamois. It hosts 105 relics and a large number of native plant species. Given the high number of relics, the park also has the status of being a world centre for new species development.

The nature in Rila National Park is extremely rich in fauna species, presenting 2.934 species of invertebrate organisms and 172 species of vertebrates. It has some of the healthiest and most viable populations of predator birds in Europe. The park is home to the largest Bulgarian populations of Balkan Chamois, Capercaillia, Hazel Hens and Rock Partridges, Tengmalm’s Owls and Martens, as well as the largest high mountain population of Souslik.

Flagship species: Brown Bear, Wolf, Balkan Chamois, Capercaillie

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