Soomaa National Park

Nature in Soomaa National Park

Estonian nature in Soomaa National Park with its freshwater wilderness boasts the largest raised bog complex in Europe. Locals claims it even as a “fifth season” when naturally meandering rivers create drastic floods changing the landscape.

There are 43 mammals living in Soomaa National Park. Roe Deer are easily spotted alongside the roads and you can also encounter elk or wild boar. The large carnivores such as  lynx, wolves and bears are difficult to spot.

It’s a good place to be if you enjoy bird watching as 185 species of birds have been recorded in Soomaa. Among rare and endangered species the most impressive species are the Black Grouse, the Willow Grouse, the Golden Eagle, the Black Stork, the Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Great Snipe. In the edges of the bogs, Capercaillie breed and further into the forest, the nature in Soomaa National Park offers home for several woodpecker species, owls and many others. During migration season the bogs are a staging site for geese and swans.

In Soomaa, altogether 537 species of vascular plants have been identified, among these 29 are protected by Estonian law. The most impressive highlights among the plants in Soomaa are the Siberian Iris and the wild gladiolus on floodplains. Moreover, more than 360 species of fungi have been found in Soomaa National Park.

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