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Our Wilderness and Wolf friends from South Tyrol in northern Italy need your help, urgently. The recent petition by local politician Arnold Schuler (SVP) provincial councilor for agriculture, forests, civil protection and municipalities of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, together with his colleagues in Bavaria (Germany) and Austria, asks for:
  • at European level, adopting the necessary proceedings to reduce the level of wolf protection;
  • at National level, taking the necessary measures to make possible the controlled withdrawal of the wolf in South Tyrol, in line with European directives.

The petition will be submitted to the European Union. The petition demands a wolf-free alpine region, and wants to kill every single wolf that lives in the Alps. He wants to make wolves huntable in order to answer easily to his hunters and farmers electorate. And it is this electorate who ignore any scientific information and effective damage prevention practices.

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Counter petition to save the wolf

Local NGOs started this counter petition and already managed to collect the same amount of signatures. Over 26 000 signatures at the moment of writing. Local newspaper “Zett” announced how the counter petition became a competitor to the initial competition. The South Tyroler news page “” shared the story four days ago. But suddenly the page does not longer exist.
The petition needs your signatures, to show the hunters, farmers and politicians like Mr. Schuler that Europe does not tolerate the killing of wolves for commercial reasons.
The counter petition from LAC – Lega Abolizione Caccia Trentino Alto Adige/Südtirol (League for the Abolition of Hunting Trentino/South Tyrol) and  Associazione WWF Bolzano (WWF Bozen) asks for:
  • The degree of protection of the wolf is maintained and increased at the highest level by the European institutions;

And at the national level:

  • Rejecting the claims to lower the degree of protection;
  • Educating people to the use of the methods of prevention that have been amply demonstrated to be effective where they are correctly realized;
  • Adopting resolute and effective strategies to eliminate the phenomenon of poaching;
  • Denying further possibility of killing (in addition to the exceptional cases already provided for by current regulations, but never presented) in harmony with European directives.

Sign the petition now

Please post this link on your networks, send it to friends and support the united grass root movement to tell these people that they are standing on the wrong side of history. We are living in the 21st century, the times of irresponsible eradication of species belongs to the past.

Every vote counts, thank you.

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