We were just made aware of a planned wolf killing in Germany just a few days after the provincial government authorised the killing of another wolf in the region.

Please find here the original petition as published on change.org and sign if you want to stop the killing:

Rescue the Wolf in the Goldenstedter moor in Vechta/Germany before the shooting death and help to promote an objective discussion!

With the people! – For the wolf!

Please sign our Petition against killing the wolf!

Set a clear sign for tolerance and biodiversity.

My name is Jan Olsson and I live in Vechta, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Germany. I am a graduate engineer for Landscape Management with an emphasis on wildlife biology. For years I have committed myself unsaleried in conservation organisations. My faithful dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, called Hanna, accompanied me for years.

Current situation

The wolf is back, even in Vechta and that’s good. The wolf is not dangerous to humans. Over the past 50 years there has been in Europe nine assignable attacks on humans. Five of them by contracted rabies specimens. The wolf snatches not babies and small children.
A protection of farm animals is possible. You just have to submit an application for funding of the protective measures (for example herding dogs, electric fences with rag, etc.). Of course, even if damage to farm animals has arisen and the wolf is demonstrably involved, the shepherd must receive compensation promptly financially.

Every second day is demanded by some politicians in Vechta and at the state level, the shooting of one wolf. This thinking I think is very questionable. There are much better alternatives (see list of measures below).

Let us not allow that a strictly protected potential parent animal, of a possible new wolf pack is shot and the puppies need to starve miserably!

Recently, it has demonstrated in Vechta through a genetic test, which was the wolf involved in 31 killings. The number of killed farm animals is considerably higher. Dog DNA has also been frequently observed. The typical throat bite of the wolf was missing in many cases. The sheep were often seriously injured.

In Germany there are already shepherds, who are protected by „their“ wolves against migrant wolves or other threats (territorial defense).

More competent and reliable information about the wolf, herd protection and damage compensation in Saxony, Lower Saxony and Germany, etc., can also be obtained via the contact office Wolfsregion Lausitz in Saxony (www.wolfsregion-lausitz.de)


So we show the public that many people in Lower Saxony, Germany and in other countries find the presence of the wolf good.

In order to prevent the shooting of a wolf and to promote an objective discussion, I ask all friends of the wolf to sign this petition.

Become an advocate and supporter (lawjer) of an impressive wild animal.

The following is a suggestion for improving of more effective measures!

List of measures

  1. The wolf is back! And that’s good! Improved measures and educating the population to promote the acceptance
  2. Scientific monitoring (!) of individual wolves through competent institutions and competent bodies
  3. Faster nationwide coordination of the people involved in the wolf, Associations and Institutions
  4. Regular nationwide meetings to coordinate the Wolf Monitoring and “Wolf management”
  5. No shooting! For the wolf shall apply until a definitive proof: „In dubio pro reo!“
  6. In very justified exceptional cases: After intense evaluation by recognized experts a radio-marking of individual wolves carried out to determine its behavior
  7. Fast processing of genetic tests
  8. Promotion of damage prevention measures (among other food for herding dogs, etc.) for several years with increasing the budget limit
  9. Fast and adequate compensation for damage by the wolf. After 4-6 weeks including damage payout.
  10. Promoted further development of persons reponsible for the injury determination (improvement of technical qualifications)

Please sign our petition now!


About Author

Max A. E. Rossberg is an avid WIlderness Advocates with extensive experience in Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Multistakeholder planning processes.


  1. guillemot catherine on


  2. Wolves in Germany are already Under German Fedral Law Protected,
    It is a Crime to Kill, Trap or Harm them and is Dealt with very Harsh under German Law
    Please don’t try to Tell The Germans anything about Wolf Conservation,
    We Do it Better than any Other Country in Europe !!.

  3. Max A.E. Rossberg on

    It is one of the many myths that wolves are fully protected in Germany. Not only are there continuer efforts to change the protection status, but the law has several caveats allowing the authorities to kill wolves which supposedly behave abnormal. This interpretation of what abnormal behaviour is, is so subjective that it basically allows any governmental institutions to have a wolf killed (as just recently done in three cases).

    Having said that, the main issue is not the wolves but Little Red Riding Hood. There are so many myths about wolves out there that it is astonishing that we do not believe in werewolves. Wolves are not afraid of humans. Why should they, they are basically at the top of the food chain. Nevertheless, humans do not fall into their prey pattern simply because we are too difficult to hunt. A wolf is the most efficient hunter and will only hunt an animal if it is simple and can be killed easily. That is why the wolf is targeting often sick or older ungulates and sheep especially behind a fence where they cannot run away. Wolves are curious and therefore are interested in what we do or what is happening around them, but this does not mean they have lost their fear of humans. Fear is something that is genetically inbred and cannot be nurtured, with the exception of human behaviour.

    In addition, the agricultural and livestock industry has changed so dramatically, especially due to EU subsidy policies, which the return of the wolf is highlighting. Where in my youths in the Lüneburger Heide Sheep were herded by shepherds and the herds were small, today many sheep are just roaming free and the herds have grown in size. Shepherds are a disappearing vocation, whereas in Romania it is the opposite. The result is simple: we loose more sheep in Germany with only 1/10 of the wolves compared to Romania with 3000 wolves and million of sheep.

    So the return of the wolf is something really good for our nature, but we have to educate the humans that the wolf has returned and that he/she has to adopt their behaviour a little bit… We are hopeful that this can be achieved, as long as we do not believe Little Red Riding Hood.

    Cheers Max Rossberg

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