After publishing the news about the new Italian Wolf Management Plan currently debated in Italy, several new reports of Wolves being killed either legally or illegally have reached us. As we reported Slovenia has again allowed the killing of bears and wolves. Neighboring Kosovo Wolves are killed by suspected poachers and it is apparent without any fear of prosecution, since the poachers publicly post killings photos on Facebook. (Blerim Bytyçi is a nature conservationist who discovered these photos an Facebook)

These photos are supposedly taken in the Zaplluxhe Village in south Kosovo in the Shar Mountains according to this news report.

To repeat Gudrun Pluegers questions: Where are the authorities and/or the EU and EC when it comes to these killings under the disguise of legality of two of our most protected animals in Europe? What power does the Natura2000 directive have, if countries, authorities, poachers and hunters can just ignore the protection status and use the loop holes to kill these so urgently needed predators to restore the ecology equilibrium in our habitats. Where the Wolf returns, the forest measurably improves and we all benefit.  Even tourism benefits from the return of the Wolf. The amazing thing is, that the EU and EC also supports the return of these large carnivores with millions of Euros. The same animals are then killed…

So why do we destroy willing and with the seeming consent or ignorance of the authorities the return of the wolf and bear , if we all benefit from their return.



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Max A. E. Rossberg is an avid WIlderness Advocates with extensive experience in Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Multistakeholder planning processes.

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