The wolf is classified as critically endangered in Norway, according to the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre. Furthermore, the Norwegian parliament supports having a sustainable wolf population. Despite these facts, the country’s Minister of Environment allowed the culling of 42 wolves this winter. The culling of 42 wolves would almost entirely eradicate Norway’s wolf population, that consisted of about 52 – 56 wolves at the last official count in 2017. The decision to kill such a high number of wolves is against international obligations under the Bern Convention. In addition, it is breaching Norwegian laws and decisions made by the parliament.

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According to already 11 wolves in the Julussa and Osdalen pack have been shot by January 5th. The Norwegian government plans to kill another 33 wolves. Killing Wolves in a pack as it is happening in Norway will only amplify the problems.

Wolf’s comeback continues

Nevertheless, a radical killing of wolves like that will not stop the wolf from coming back to Norway. Some centuries ago the wolf was widespread all over Europe. Therefore its comeback to its former home was just a matter of time.

The Norwegian organisations Ulvens Dag, Naturvernforbundet, WWF, NOAH and Foreningen Våre Rovdyr started a petition to stop this unlawful culling of Norwegian wolves. Ulvens Dag will bring this petition to the Ministry of Climate and Environment in the coming days.

We already signed this important petition, like more than 85.000 others. Help us to stop the wolf killing in Norway and support Ulvens Dag and its fellow campaigners.

Signthe petition here.


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  1. Max A.E. Rossberg on

    Hi Ruth,

    the amazing this, that the Norwegian Government is also one of the biggest donor and supporter of Nature Conservation programmes in Europe. Just like the hunting and gruesome killing of wolves in Spain, it is the hunting lobby and their links into the rich and powerful that is the driving force. Having said that, we must also acknowledge that many young hunters are not really supportive of this.

    Wild Regards

  2. Ruth Griffiths on

    That Norwegian govt is a law unto itself ,no democracy,it ignores world opinion & rules & the feeling of its own public,look at the poor Whales!!!! now wolves with this anti wildlife govt. What a dead place the country will look with just scenery & no majestic wildlife.!!! in an age when its the wildlife that the tourists want to see!Look at the size of the country & amount of wilderness yet these morons cant even tolerate 50+ wolves,even thats not enough!

  3. Signed the petition.
    We are having severe problems in Switzerland about the Federal hunting law (vs. the Wolf strategy – wolf management plan)…
    I make it short: they are trying to declass the wolf (but also bear and lynx) to “non endangered species”. This means, the chase and killing of them will be possible.
    We are hardly trying to do our best to inform the people that is necessary to protect them (not just ethical reasons, considering antispecism, but also for the environment). The cohabitation is possible is only matter of being informed and stop beliving in the very old fairy of the “rLittle Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”.
    Is like being in Salem, an open chase to the ghosts of legend of the past

    🙂 claudine giovannoni

  4. The Norwegian government leads a grotesque predator policy that is under all criticism. Stop the extinction against the wolf and other predators. They are already red-listed…

  5. In oslo wee kill also 400 people with 4000 dieselbuses driving in the city -most of them only have 1-5 people on board. My students IN freen university have regularly 67 buses every hour in driving by with never more than 1-4 people on board. This is also an environmental crimec. Oslo is the oney city with 30 Dieselbuses in one street at a time. Some buslines only have 1-2 passengers in big buses on board and still drive every 10 minutes.

  6. See the Judas wolf among the dead ones – it wears the collar, and let its human killers to the pack.

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