Organic and fair trade are en vogue – not just in day-to-day shopping but more often than not also in holiday planning. Currently, tourism boasts more
than 150 quality labels worldwide. The small stickers with green leaves, radiant suns or blue flags are displayed at hotel entrances, tourism officesor at the entrance gates to camping sites. They designate tour operators, beaches, nature reserves, indeed entire regions. A broad spectrum of tourism offers is being awarded quality labels for a wide range of different reasons. But how to penetrate this mist of labels?

This guidebook will provide you with a tool for comparing the main characteristics and quality features of well-known sustainability labels in tourism. It will help you to select holiday options that respect human rights, go easy on the environment and are of palpable use to the local population in the regions
visited. By resorting to this tool you will actively contribute to the sustainable development of tourism from the moment you book your holiday.

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About Author

Max A. E. Rossberg is an avid WIlderness Advocates with extensive experience in Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Multistakeholder planning processes.


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