Tatra Mountains can be considered as one of the most wild part of Carpathian Mountains. The mountains are located in the northern corner of Slovakia (at the border with Poland). This area is homeland for many rare and endangered species and also host the largest fragment of wilderness in Tatra National Park, Slovakia.

Wilderness in Jalovecka Valley, Tatra NP, Slovakia

Wilderness in Jalovecka Valley, Tatra NP, Slovakia

American photographer Jim O’Donnell visited this area and we can read and learnt from his impression:

ON A DARK, PLUNGING SLOPE thick with spruce, Austrian wolf biologist Gudrun and a local forest ranger by the name of Vlado are poking at — and sniffing — a pile of feces.

“Lynx,” concludes Gudrun. “But everyone is coming through here.” She points to scratching from brown bears on the tree trunks, and to fur hanging from the branches. “Wolf too, perhaps,” she says pointing to another pile of feces just a few meters away. It is the wolves we hope to find. Wolves are seen as the symbol of wild lands the world over…

Wilderness in Jalovecka Valley, Tatra NP, Slovakia

Wilderness in Jalovecka Valley, Tatra NP, Slovakia

More about Jim’s experience can be read….


About Author

Vlado Vancura is the Deputy Chairman and Director of wilderness of the European Wilderness Society and is based in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia.


  1. Kajetan Perzanowski on

    I am sorry, but considering Tatra Mountains as one of the most wild parts of the Carpathians must be a joke. Annually there are over 3 million visitors and 6 mountain hotels only at the Polish side, a number of very active rock climbers, a dense network of marked tourist trails, a number of ski slopes and routes, two cable cars and their upper stations with restaurants at the main ridge. And all this within the area of about 715 sq, km!

  2. Yes, Tatra Mountains are heavily impacted by mass tourism and forestry already for decades… Nevertheless, fragments of land in size of thousands of hectares, with very limited or any impact of humans activities are still there…

  3. Michael Padden on

    Hello Vlado,

    Thank you for the news letters sent to Linda. Also congratulations on your new position. Linda & I would enjoy visiting you & spending some time in the Tatra Mountains.
    All the best & thank you for your stewardship of
    so many beautiful places on Europe.

    Michael & Linda Padden
    Anchorage, Alaska USA

  4. Yes, Tatra Mountains is nice place to visit and explore. Many management issues are controversial but come and learn. We can offer you support and help.

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