Karin Eckhard

Karin Eckhard, Sustainable Tourism Manager, based in Spain

Karin Eckhard

Karin Eckhard in an old growth beech forest.

Karin Eckhard joined the European Wilderness Society in 2014 and is the focal point for sustainable tourism projects and has become a specialist for wilderness certifications.

Her wilderness motto:

Although born and raised in New Hampshire, USA, she has had the fortune to live in places as diverse as Vail, Colorado; Salzburg, Austria; London and in a small village in the east of England. However, she has called Madrid, Spain her home for the last 2 years. While in the US, she worked for 12 years in the tourism sector in product development, operations and various other roles. She holds a Masters in Sustainable Tourism Development and after receiving her Masters she worked for several years as a Sustainability Advisor in the tourism sector with an international consultancy and has worked on various European regional sustainable tourism projects. While living in the UK and volunteering for a local conservation organization, she decided to take on the challenge of doing a Masters in Land Management as it relates to Conservation.

She had the fortune to do her thesis work in the area of Landscape Ecology specifically connectivity and its role in species and biodiversity conservation. Here is where she found her keen interest in the role tourism can play in promoting global and regional conservation effort. When not traveling, she enjoys, of course, the outdoors, wildlife photography, sports and spending time with friends.

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