Katrin Schikorr

Katrin Schikorr, Wilderness and Arts, based in France

Katrin Schikorr

Katrin Schikorr in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen

Already during her academic time studying biology and conservation sciences, she often escaped from her native town Berlin, Germany.

Her Wilderness motto: “Growing up in a capital city surrounded by a wall makes you extremely sensitive to what lies beyond that wall; and I was always curious to explore and feel the outside, especially the natural outside world”.

Her university studies let her discover Montréal and the wildlife in Northern Québec; research wading birds in freshwater marshes in Florida and the Camargue, France, lesser white-fronted goose in Northern Europe and initiate a study on protected areas’ management at UCL London.

After preparing educational material for professional park rangers in Germany with WWF-Germany, she moved on to work for over 10 years with the European communication team at WWF-International in Switzerland, bunching together project information from the network and communicating internally and externally. For the past four years, Katrin co-founded and directed a French NGO – Wild-Touch – aiming to reconnect men and nature by the means of art, and contributed largely to the realization of a meta-project on tropical rainforests combing art work, an education programme and a natural history film.

As a trained conservation biologist with key experience in communication and arts, she is keen to merge these fields to foster the public acceptance of wilderness in Europe. “I’m proud to be part of this very rich natural and cultural patchwork called Europe, and look forward to get people closer to the very natural areas they actually live in nearby.  Connecting people from different horizons and using various media from scientific and artistic backgrounds is a great challenge and an even bigger pleasure.”

Katrin lives with her family near the Jura mountains in France and is mother of three girls.

She is currently on sabbatical.


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