Marjorie Dulom

Marjorie Dulom, International Wilderness and Large Carnivore Expert, based in Tamsweg

Born in the French Pyrenees in a sheep herding family right in one of the most frequented wolf corridors in Europe, Marjorie was exposed to wolves already at the age of 6. After graduating in European Politics and Gender Studies, Marjorie decided to work on Environmental conservation.

 Thanks to her passion, she had the opportunity to join a European voluntary program in Lithuania which turned out to be decisive for her future career in Environmental conservation. During the last years, she joined and successfully worked on many European wilderness and wildlife especially wolf and bear projects in Europe and abroad. Her fascination for large carnivores attracted Marjorie to work extensively with bears, wolves, wolverines and arctic foxes conservation and monitoring programmes. Her personal experience with protecting sheep from wolves, her in-depth knowledge on politics and her understanding of social issues revealed to be essential asset when working conjointly with local populations and institutions an human and wildlife interaction issues especially the protection of sheep against wolves and bears in an alpine setting.

Her drive to expand her knowledge and broaden experiences, led her to also work on other species such as amphibians, aquatic mammals (i.e. beavers, otters, watervoles), Birds (i.e. Vultures, seabirds) and Insects.

Wilderness is to me a place to where I belong and I deeply feel attached to. Wilderness is what makes me feel alive hence the fact I want to work in wilderness, for wilderness conservation as I believe that without wilderness and wild species, humans would not be here….

 Because of her belief on habitats rehabilitation and conservation, she also voluntarily joined a ONU project in Chilean Patagonia that aims to reduce deforestation, fight illegal logging and educates people to protect and manage Beech native forests.

 Born and raised in the French Pyrenees, she loves to spend time in the mountains. On her free time, she practices rock climbing, hiking, trekking and all king of outdoor activities! She is also an avid backpacker and speaks French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian and some grasps of Russian.

 With her wealth of wilderness and wildlife knowledge, her international experience and her multicultural exposure, she will be a perfect wilderness advocate team member of the European Wilderness Society.

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