European Wilderness Society puts a lot of efforts towards wilderness education in different European countries for different target audience: adults and kids, professional nature conservationists and simple nature lovers!

Wild 5

Working in such a way, we are glad to state that our Wild 5 Journal is continuing its way across Ukraine, supporting ecological educational activities and helping youth and adults to understand better the environment and particularly wilderness and its inhabitants, learn more about protected areas, climate change and how to behave once you meet a large carnivore.

One of the first, who introduced the Wild 5 Journal was our old partner, National Nature Park “Zacharovanyy kray”. We are continuing receiving orders for the Journal and its being used now in numerous protected areas of Ukraine, schools, after-school education institutions and eco-coteries and even in kindergartens. Among our recent partners is also Kiev Zoo and its permanent youth club. Here is the feedback provided by scientists and educators of the Zoo:

Thank you for the great journal for kids. Idea to acquaint children with representatives of European fauna is a hot topic. Topics are developed well, good design, information is provided attractively and corresponds to the age of the target audience.

They also provided some proposals regarding cohesiveness of information, which confirms that the journal was investigated by professional educators in deep details.

We were also asked when the next issue of Wild 5 will take place?

Podilsky Tovtry

Just lately we received the order for Wild 5 from one of the biggest National Parks not only in Ukraine but in the entire Europe “Podilsky Tovtry“. The area of this Unique National Nature Park of Western Ukraine is 261316 ha and it is located on the territory of warm Sarmat see, which existed here million years ago.

Prydnistrovska part of the Podilsky Tovtry is divided by numerous deep canyon-type tributaries of the river Dniester. Park also consists of wetlands of international importance and has mineral water reserves with unique therapeutic qualities. We hope one day this National Nature Park will become the member of European Wilderness Network.

Such nature beauty and dedicated team is also supports effective educational activities. Received from European Wilderness Society Wild 5 Journal was presented and distributed among educational institutions of the city and districts of the park territory during Animal Protection Month. Wild 5 supported school and kindergarten teachers during their presentations and communication with kids about animal world of Ukraine. Children admired attractive illustrations and new interesting information receiving, for example, how to behave during encounter with one of the Wild 5 heroes.

Next steps

All the partners-users of Wild 5 are very much interested in getting new educational materials from European Wilderness Society and in participation in our educational events.

This motivates us for the development and implementation of further wilderness educational projects across Europe, which among other, we hope, will reduce volumes of poaching and illegal acitvitie! Follow our news to learn about new events and publications on our web-site!

Let´s get wild!

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