Europe has already a wilderness definition (explanation what means wilderness in Europe), wilderness conservation policy (description how to protect wilderness in Europe), a short inventory (tentative list where is wilderness in Europe), European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System (concept to evaluate quality standard of European wilderness) and also European wilderness preservation system (network of certified European wilderness areas)!

What we Europeans are still missing is appreciation of European wilderness. The book A year in the wilderness is step to fill this gap. It is a pioneering document describing a wonderful piece of Carpathian wilderness in Tatra National Park at the border of Slovakia and Poland!

Karol Kalisky, author of this book was born at the foothills of Tatra Mountains, he grow up here and currently he is also living with his family in this region. This remarkable book is going to be published in the coming days and will be possible also to order it via our website very soon.


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Vlado Vancura is the Deputy Chairman and Director of wilderness of the European Wilderness Society and is based in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia.


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