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Max Rossberg joined the TV-debate from Rai Südtirol in their program ‘Pro und Contra’. The question is whether the Wolf returning to Südtirol, the Austrian and the Bavarian Alps  should be eradicated and the alps turned into a wolf-free zone. This is what the farming associations and the hunting organizations in these countries are demanding. Max Rossberg discussed this with Siegfried Rinner, the director of the Südtiroler farmers’ association.

Watch the full program here.

Rai Südtirol Radio Mittagsmagazin

Furthermore, Max Rossbergjoined the Rai Südtirol radio-show Mittagsmagazin. During the show, Max answered the various calls and questions from the listeners all demanding the eradication of the wolf in the alps. In addition, stunningly a major of an Italian village announced that he would advise his game wardens to shoot any wolf regardless of the protection status as defined in the FFH directive as well as the Italian law.

Click here to listen to the show here (start at 36:40 min).


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