A good wolf is a shy wolf, …

Recently, several reports of wolves in Germany state that wolves would loose their shyness and the apparently consequence of it would be an increased threat for humans. But what is our expectation of a shy behaving wolf? And what are the reasons for these expectations? And WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES of an eventual wolf behavior not meeting our expectations?

The wolves in the movie are wild and most likely never met a human before. They do not have any experience with us. Neither bad ones (being hunted) nor good ones (eg. being fed). Yet, they come close to European Wilderness Society large carnivore expert Gudrun Pflueger, who even let go of humans most effective repellant: standing upright on two legs. Gudrun wore a pepperspray, but never even thought of getting it ready. The NATURAL BEHAVIOR of a wild wolf, unaltered by human (mis)behavior, is a very INTERESTED, PRECAUTIOUS and CURIOUS BEHAVIOUR. Scene starting at min 34:35

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