Different teams, Madrid to Uzhhorod

The different teams of the European Wilderness Society are working in different parts of Europe.

  • While Gudrun was invited by the ERDgespräche to give a speech in Vienna about her Wolf experience in front of 800 distinguished guests,
  • Michael Meyer was preparing a sustainable tourism project in Bonn,
  • Otto Dibelius was analyzing and developing the new European Wilderness Foundation in Berlin,
  • Zoltan Kun was holding a workshop at the IUCN Conference Little Sydney close to Bratislava,
  • Karin Eckhard was finalizing in Madrid, Spain, the Wilderness Assessment report for Zacharovani Krai s
  • Katrin Schikorr was attending a Wilderness workshop in the National Park Sumava in Czech Republic,
  • Vlado Vancura prepared from his office in Liptovsky Hradock the Wilderness Assessment in the National Park Kalkalpen, Austria and
  • Max Rossberg and Anni Henning returned to the Ukraine for the third time since end of April to visit a potential Wilderness Candidate area and then to assist
  • Valik Voloshyn in setting up the new office in Uzhhorod while
  • Susanne Werth and Bodo Rossberg were putting the final touches on our first Annual Report in Tamsweg, Austria.

Looking at this snapshot of our work, exemplifies why we are called European Wilderness Society.

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