Episode 16: Spring returns in Calanda

We follow Peter Dettling on a year-long adventure in the Calanda region of Switzerland. His new series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’ publishes a new weekly episode for 52 weeks, available in English and Deutsch.

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Episode 16

As Peter returns to the Calanda region, so does spring. The first flowers emerge and animals return to the fields. With this warm welcome, Peter continues his long term study on the Calanda wolves. Will he encounter new and fresh tracks of the wolves?

You can watch the new episode on Peter’s Vimeo homepage in English or Deutsch. Purchase the full access to the complete series and you can also watch previously published episodes back at any time, and receive updates on the new episode weekly.

The return of life seemed to elevate everybody’s spirits and energy

Peter Dettling

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One thought on “Episode 16: Spring returns in Calanda

  1. Dette er SVÆRT interessant..Jeg er med hvor jeg kan ,med at beskytte Ulvene i den vilde Natur .
    Det er sørgeligt at de bliver hængt ud .I store dele af verden. Så jeg kalder mig selv for Aktivist. Vi må hjælpe de vilde dyr der er tilbage. Vi er deres stemme TAK

    This is VERY interesting. I’m here wherever I can to protect the wolves in the wild nature.
    It is sad that they are hanged out. In large parts of the world. So I call myself Activist. We must help the wild animals that are left. We are their voice THANK YOU

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