Episode 22: Territorial markings of an alpha male wolf

In ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’ Peter Dettling takes us on a year-long trip in the Swiss Calanda. He captures the adventures of the famous Calanda wolves and the wildlife surrounding it. In 52 different episodes, one episode per week, we can enjoy his journey, available in English and Deutsch.

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Episode 22

Peter is finding a new look-out point to observe the wide variety of wildlife surrounding him. After weeks of hiding, a big male wolf appears in front of the camera. His unique behaviour was captured by Peter and his steady hands, as two foreign wolves entered the territory.

It was precisely at this very moment, while trying to fix my tripod, when I noticed some movement not far from my hiding spot.

Peter Dettling

On Peter’s Vimeo homepage in English or Deutsch, you will find episode 22 and all the other previously published episodes. Watch them at any time and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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