Episode 38: Can people and wolves coexist?

Peter Dettling is a nature photographer who spent 3 years in the Switzerland to film the famous Calanda wolf pack, wildlife and nature. The series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’ has 52 episodes, and publishes a new one every week. Follow his adventures, available in English and Deutsch.

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Episode 38

When an anti-wolf meeting is organised in Chur, right in the Calanda region, Peter decides to listen to their arguments, to better understand the origin of the human-wolf conflict. What Peter records is not unique to the region, but happens all across Europe.

For centuries the wolf has been seen in the Western world as a symbol of all that is bad and evil. A creature to be exterminated.

Peter Dettling

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2 thoughts on “Episode 38: Can people and wolves coexist?

  1. Wolves are far greater asset to the environment as they remove rodents and other pest animals but they do prey on unprotected sheep so the answer lies in protecting the sheep and leave the wolves alone.

  2. The photo of the meeting does not show a very good gender, age or ethnic mix. This is so often the case when dealing with single issue interests.

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