Episode 43: In search of wolves

Peter is exploring the outskirts of the Calanda wolf territory together with one of his friends and his dog. The dog soon finds an interesting treasure, as Peter notices how wolves and dogs are so much alike.

Although inspired by the scenery, we hoped to find some clues on the whereabouts of the Calanda wolf family.

Peter Dettling

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Episode 43

Nature photographer Peter Dettling takes you on another adventure in the Swiss Calanda every week of the year with the series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’. We can now enjoy the next episode of his incredible journey and the adventures of the famous Calanda wolves.

Visit Peter Dettling’s Vimeo homepage to watch episode 43 and the previous episodes in English or Deutsch. With a purchased license, you can watch back all episodes at any time, and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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One thought on “Episode 43: In search of wolves

  1. As a further observation, a wolf is not a stand-alone creature but has to fit into a whole environmental and natural system so cannot be blamed for all the catastrophies and shortcomings of agriculture and wildlife. In fact, the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park in the U S astonished even the most anti-wolf protestors and is a lesson to be followed in other natural environments.

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