Episode 44: Effective wolf hunting in Calanda

As colder early November weather approaches the Calanda mountains, Peter observe many chamois congregating on the mountain slopes. He stumbles upon a finding that reminds him of two years before, when visiting the same area.

Wolves not only know incredibly well, the best hunting grounds and the seasonal movements of their prey, but also that they prefer to target the young, the old, the sick or the injured ones.

Peter Dettling

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Episode 44

We can now enjoy the next episode of Peter Dettling with the series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’. The nature photographer takes you on another adventure in the Swiss Calanda every week of the year sharing his incredible journey to find the famous Calanda wolves.

Visit Peter Dettling’s Vimeo homepage to watch episode 44 and the previous episodes in English or Deutsch. With a purchased license, you can watch back all episodes at any time, and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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