Episode 48: Gathering of wildlife

The winter forces not only Peter down to lower altitudes. Many wildlife animals are spending time in search for some bits of food in the field in close proximity of villages.

Knowing that such a gathering of deer certainly would attract not just foxes, but sooner or later wolves as well, we started to fantasise how a wolf hunt would unfold right in front of us.

Peter Dettling

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Episode 48

Peter Dettling spent 3 years in the Swiss Calanda region to film the very first Swiss wolf pack, wildlife and nature. In the next episode of the year-long series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’, we join Peter Dettling on his adventure in search for the famous Calanda wolves.

Visit Peter Dettling’s Vimeo homepage to watch episode 48 and the previous episodes in English or Deutsch. With a purchased license, you can watch back all episodes at any time, and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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