Episode 51: Wolf encounter at dawn

As the Calanda government agrees to the culling of two Calanda wolves (in 2015), Peter heads out in the early dawn to find these individuals that apparently show no fear to humans.

The question was, how would this wolf, accused to be unafraid of humans, react to my presence? It was time for the moment of truth.

Peter Dettling

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Episode 51

Follow Peter Dettling’s adventures in the series ‘Once around the Sun with the Calanda wolves’. Peter is a nature photographer who spent 3 years in the Swiss Calanda region to capture the very first Swiss wolf pack, wildlife and nature. It has 52 episodes, and this week is the second to last episode.

Visit Peter Dettling’s Vimeo homepage to watch episode 51 and the previous episodes in English or Deutsch. With a purchased license, you can watch back all episodes at any time, and keep up to date on the new releases weekly.

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