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on the 3 February 2009: The “European Parliament Resolution on Wilderness in Europe” was passed, which calls on the EU Commission to:

  • Develop a clear definition of wilderness
  • Mandate the EEA and other relevant European bodies to map the last wilderness areas in Europe.
  • Undertake a study on the values and benefits of wilderness.
  • Develop an EU wilderness strategy.
  • Develop wilderness areas and carefully manage re-wilding areas.
  • Promote the values of wilderness and launch information campaigns to raise awareness about wilderness and its significance.

Under the EUContract No: 07.0307/2011/610387/SER/B.3 a mapping of potential Wildernes sin Europe was completed by October 2013. the report identified 522 Wilderness and Wild Areas in 27 EU Countries with a potential to meet the European Wilderness Quality Standard. The surprising finding was that 284 Wilderness had the potential to meet the more stringent Gold/Platinum Standard (Wilderness) and 238 were ideally suited to meet the Bronze/Silver Standard (Wild area).

This listed is now for the first time online, since we believe it urgently needs to be updated and modified. The European Wilderness Society is contributing to this list continuously and would appreciate if other wilderness oriented NGOs and GOs could do the same. For this we added a feedback form in which you can provide us feedback concerning the Wilderness in the database.


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Area IDSite nameCountryWilderness CatIUCN CatArea size (ha)Wilderness size (ha)EWQANatura 2000
Parco nazionale del Vesuvio IT B II 7259 4158 TRUE TRUE
Parco nazionale della Val Grande IT B II 11340 1059 TRUE TRUE
Parco nazionale del Gargano IT B II 118144 46132 TRUE TRUE
Toscano IT B II 73622 1202 TRUE TRUE
Parco nazionale del Pollino IT B II 171132 69620 TRUE TRUE
Parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini IT B II 69722 40153 TRUE TRUE
Diano IT B II 178172 84825 TRUE TRUE
Biogradska Gora ME B II 5400 1600 TRUE FALSE
Prokletije ME B II 16630 1052 TRUE FALSE
Tivat Salina ME B II 150 150 TRUE FALSE
Durmitor ME B II 32200 0 FALSE
Lovcen ME B II 6220 1344 TRUE FALSE
SilmŠsvuoman soidensuojelualue FI B VI 2526 0 FALSE
Skadarsko jezero ME B II 40000 0 FALSE
Kotkanneva FI A/B VI 3010 0 FALSE
Pieran Marin JŠngŠn soidensuojelualue FI B VI 2643 0 TRUE FALSE
Sota-Aavan soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 3094 0 TRUE FALSE
Pilvinevan soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 3163 0 FALSE
Talaskankaan luonnonsuojelualue FI A/B VI 3608 0 TRUE FALSE
Vaaranaavan soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 3483 0 FALSE
Levanevan luonnonsuojelualue FI A/B VI 3280 0 FALSE
soidensuojelualue (YstŠvyyden p.) FI A/B VI 3895 0 FALSE
luonnonsuojelualue (YstŠvyyden puisto) FI A/B VI 4041 0 FALSE
Pšyrisvuoman soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 4224 0 FALSE
Kuusisuon-Hattusuon soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 4115 0 TRUE FALSE
Hirvisuon soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 4360 0 FALSE
SŠippŠsuon-Kivisuon soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 4503 0 TRUE FALSE
Loukisen Latvasoiden soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 5833 0 FALSE
Martinselkosen luonnonsuojelualue FI A/B VI 6137 0 FALSE
Viiankiaavan soidensuojelualue FI A/B VI 6309 0 TRUE FALSE


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