Friendship on the last breath

European Wilderness Society proposed its readers breath-taking stories about animal friendship many times. Another story of friendship between carnivore and prey: a wolf and a donkey happened in Albania.

A wolf had been trapped by locals in Patok, Albania, and was kept in a confinement. Looking at the attenuated by hunger wolf, people decided to feed him an old donkey that was no more exploit by his owners and was in his final days.

But the hungry wolf didn’t attack the donkey, instead the pair formed a friendship, and cuddled up together!

The story of this unbelievable friendship spread soon, petitions and letters of protest were sent to the Albanian government. As a result, this public outcry resulted in government demand to provide proper care to the donkey and to release wolf.

Thankfully, the wolf was released back into the wilderness, while the donkey was moved out to pasture. Sometimes wolf could be seen dropping by to see his friend…

The primary source of this information and photo are: here

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