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8 thoughts on “How Spain brutally reduces its wolf population

  1. People are disgusting. Why would you make an innocent creature suffer that much? Shame on them, God will judge you.

  2. I am disgusted at those in positions of power in the EU, who allow backward nations like Spain & Latvia to flout its laws so easily! What on earth is the point of having members sign up to its laws if they are not going to uphold them?? I live in the UK and it took 20 years for us to re-introduce the Beaver so the Wolf, which was present here in great numbers until 1782, stands zero chance of ever coming back! These animals should only be re-introduced once systems are in place to protect THEM from HUMANS! Otherwise we should just slaughter them now. There should be crime units paid by the EU dedicated to dealing with wildlife crime! And education of the next generation should be enforced on the curiculum of every member state. But the EU is a joke! Its good at taking £59 billion from nations like the UK every year, but spending that cash seems to be a real problem, they only seem to give it back to agriculture, fisheries and hunting fraternities! Its a joke! And one reason why i voted to leave the EU!

  3. Hi, in Europe the European Commission clearly stated that hunting and culling is the same: reducing the numbers of an animal in absence of natural predation. Eradicating the wolves will therefore safeguard the hunting and culling for the future.

  4. a study from 2016 showed that livestock was 0.7% of the Iberian wolves’ diet

    could you provide a link to that study / paper?

  5. People in Spain who kill wolves in the most grotesque ways are far from normal, those devil’s must be stopped immediately. The wolf is created to the earth to fulfill its task, humans have no right to eradicate God’s creation 🙁 Let the wolf live in peace in the nature…….

  6. Hi Puli,

    the facts are clear and everyone who wants to see them will find them. But too often we look the other way until we are affected ourselves.

  7. Congratulations for this article. Very clair and close to the reality. Thanks you very much for you work!!!

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