Join us at WILDArt Majella!

After four days of exploring the beauty of Majella National Park with a group of artists from all over Europe, this is the highlight of WILDArt Majella. We will have a full day of art, activities and information. Join the European Wilderness Society and Majella National Park to celebrate the Abruzzo culture and nature.

When: 6th September 2019, 10:30 am
Where: Sede operativa dell’Ente Parco Nazionale della Majella, Badia Morronese, via Badia, 28, Sulmona

WILDArt Majella: Experience Wilderness through art

WILDArt Majella promotes European cooperation by bringing together local communities and artists from all over Europe to promote cultural exchange and enhance local development in the Italian region of Abruzzo. Through art, it will be shown to people how valuable local nature and rural areas are. It also highlights how the EU and a wide variety of Interreg projects are supporting their way of living. Through workshops, presentations, craft stations, a vernissage and local food tasting, you will be introduced to the wonders of Majella National Park and will discover more on the benefits of EU Cohesion Policy! We will open the WILDArt exhibition, where we present the artwork created during the trip in Majella. At the same time, we will hand over the to the National Park. There will speakers to inform about Wilderness and how sustainable tourism and the EU can help the region.

Children can become artists themselves and create their own artwork together with the WILDArt artists. They can join workshops for free, we will provide the material, food and drinks.

See your home through the eyes of somebody else

Nine artists from different countries will explore one of the wildest places in Italy. In Majella National Park we find Majella Wilderness that is home to wolves, bears, golden eagles and chamois; as well as mountain peaks, dense mountain pine forests and deep river gorges. During WILDArt Majella, this group with people from six different countries will explore the Wilderness and unearth new ways to create art. First there will be plenty of hiking, observing wildlife, discussing Wilderness and natural concepts, sleeping outdoors, time for discussions and learning from each other. Then the artists will present their art and invite to workshops to share the inspiration they gathered throughout the trip.

This project is funded by the Interreg Volunteer Youth programme

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