Join us for our next adventure: WILDArt 2019

After the success of WILDArt 2018 in Ukraine, this year we are heading to Majella National Park in Italy for the next chapter of WILDArt! WILDArt will take place 1-7th September 2019, and we are looking for enthusiastic artists to participate in the event, and let Majella Wilderness inspire their artwork. Applications are open until 1st May 2019.

Are you an artist with a love for nature?

This is an opportunity unlike any other to experience Wilderness and create art. We are looking for artists of all levels, mediums and cultures. Painting, drawing, photography, dance, poetry, and more… we will explore Wilderness together and unearth new ways to create. Sign up at the end of this post!

What can you expect?

There will be plenty of hiking, observing wildlife, discussing Wilderness and natural concepts, sleeping outdoors, and time for discussions and learning from each other.

Accommodation will be provided in shared rooms in the Case del Lupo, Caramanico Terme, in Majella National Park. There will also be an overnight hike in Majella Wilderness, for which you will need to bring your own camping equipment.

Additionally, the whole experience will be captured on film. For a taste of what to expect, see our film from WILDArt 2018 in Ukraine.

WILDArt Exhibition

Additionally, your artwork produced during WILDArt in Majella has the opportunity to end up in a travelling art exhibition, all across Europe. For example recently, the European Wilderness Society opened up a WILDArt exhibition in Tamsweg, Austria. This was with artwork created during WILDArt in Ukraine last year! There were speeches from the local mayor, the chairman of European Wilderness Society and also participating artists. This exhibition is open until 22nd April, at which point it will move to another international city.

WILDArt NNP Synevyr-19221 © Copyright

Participant details

  • We ask for a contribution of 150 euros to cover food, local travel, accommodation (shared room), registration and support from a local guide. Please contact us if you require financial support.
  • Participants cover their own travel costs to the venue: Casa del Lupo, Caramanico Terme.
  • You should be experienced in hiking and camping, and bring your own camping and art equipment with you.
  • You agree to be photographed or filmed for event documentation, project exhibitions and reporting.

Any questions, please contact us. Artist applications have closed for this year, but keep an eye on our website for updates!

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