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In celebration of 2019 being the Year of Wilderness, we are running a Wild photo competition! Entry is free and open to anyone, so what are you waiting for? Submit your wildest photos below!

The competition is open until 31st May 2019. Voting will be a combination of the public and a jury. Select your favourite for each category and the jury will select the winners from top 10 voted photos.Voting will end 21 June 2019 24:00.

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The grand prize is a free ticket to take part in WILDArt 2019 in Majella National Park, Italy. Additional prizes for each category are:

  1. First Prize – Two days in the breathtaking High Tatra National Park, with a local Wilderness guide and overnight stay in a mountain cabin.
  2. Second Prize – A signed copy of ‘Vlado’s Wildest Places’ book and T-shirt
  3. Third Prize – European Wilderness Society gift package, including a t-shirt, coffee mug and hardcover edition of all our Wilderness Briefs.

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Title: Wild Baby Orangutan in Malaysian Borneo
Author: Jaclyn Yost
Votes: 1

Category: WILDLife
Views: 72
Description: On a conservation safari through the rainforests of Borneo, we stumbled upon a very rare sight: a wild baby Orangutan. While we were initially mesmerised by the little guy swinging through the trees, the issue soon became problematic. Our tour guide alerted the local wildlife authorities about the malnourished monkey; especially as there was no mother in sight. He was then taken to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to be assessed and learn natural skills before ultimately being released back into what is left of the surrounding rainforests. On this trip of a lifetime, not only was I fortunate enough to learn about the plight of Orangutans in Borneo and witness some in their natural habitat, but I was able to be apart of saving one as well 🙂

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