Nella Sergejeva (BA)

Hi there, I’m Nella!

I have joined the European Wilderness Society team as an IVY volunteer in April 2021. In the upcoming six months, I’m hoping to be of highest benefit to this incredible NGO in order to contribute to its overall environmental endeavours. Precisely speaking, I’m bringing the below-mentioned knowledge and skills to the table, acquired somewhere along my path in the recent years.

From the educational perspective, I hold a bachelor’s degree in politics and international relations (University of Greenwich) and I’m currently enrolled in the master’s programme in environmental policy and law (University of Eastern Finland). Both degrees are equally relevant to the aims of the European Wilderness Society (EWS), given that EWS focuses on the importance of general nature conservation concerns as well as on the ways in which we, as humans, can change the status quo from degradation to preservation. 

Out of my past internship experience, the most relevant roles include a non-portfolio officer position in London Young Greens Committee as well as a couple of other policy-related roles within both CEEweb for Biodiversity in Hungary and in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in Latvia. These roles taught me exceptional communication, research, and organisational skills which, considering the quantity of awesome projects running within the European Wilderness Society, are likewise beneficial to this volunteering position.

Apart from the above background, I’d like to think that I have an exciting life. On the weekends, you will find me studying, working, or meditating somewhere in the Alps; although I’d be probably doing it all.