Re-Audit of Majella Wilderness

This week Majella Wilderness in the Italian Abruzzo mountains is subject to a European Wilderness Re-Audit. The Majella Wilderness is the only European Wilderness Network partner in Italy and a unique example of Wilderness in the mediteranian ecosystem.

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Majella National Park

Majella Wilderness in Majella National Park was certified in 2005 and is currently being re-audited to review the quality of the  Wilderness and the Wilderness Stewardship plan. From September 10th to September 17th two of our auditors will discuss various subjects, such as wilderness borders, zonation and traditional uses. During several day-long field trips the auditors will also  collect information about the possibility to designate specific areas as WILDForests and WILDRivers. Giuseppe Marcantonio, Giampiero Ciaschetti and Valter Di Cecco will accompany the auditors during the field trips and provide generous support.


A meeting with the director Oremo Di Nino of Majella National Park proved the strong Wilderness support of the National Park management. The management strongly supports the idea to increase the quality and size of Majella Wilderness and to designate the additional categories of WILDForest and WILDRiver within Majella Wilderness. The first two days in the field already proved the potential of the Orfento Valley to become a WILDRiver. On September 17th the auditors will visit Sirente-Velino Regional Park to get a first impression of the Wilderness potential of this neighbouring protected area.

“The new European Wilderness Quality Standard opened up new opportunities to better identify Wilderness in Majella National Park.” – Giuseppe Marcantonio, Majella National Park

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