Registration for International Wilderness Week is now open

The attendee registration for the first International Wilderness Week is now open! Please register now to save a spot in this global Wilderness celebration. Expect five days packed with presentations, discussions, workshops, live excursions, Q&As, join-in-activities and much more! As a non-profit organization, we kindly ask participants to donate € 20,- during the registration, so that we can continue protecting Europe’s last Wilderness.

Keynote speaker – The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (ALWRI) was established in 1993. Since then, the scientists of the institute have worked on many high priority wilderness issues in the United States and related wildlands globally. The areas of expertise of ALWRI’s current scientists include fire and landscape ecology, climate change ecological and social science, wildlife biology, and ecosystem services and human-nature relationships. Leopold Institute scientists also have a long history of working with wilderness agency managers on the development of wilderness stewardship tools.

For the International Wilderness Week, the ALWRI scientist team is preparing a 60 minute presentation overviewing past, current, and potential future research in the ALWRI. The presentation will consist of introduction from the new director Jason Taylor who will provide a broad overview of the ALWRI. Then, different scientists of ALWRI will briefly present their past, current and even future research. 15 minute long question and answer session will follow, where all listeners will be welcome to ask questions directly.

The ALWRI presentation starts on Thursday, 22nd of October at 17:00 CET. Make sure you register now to be able to tune in to this professional presentation by Wilderness researchers!

The audience can expect to gain an understanding of the ALWRI, including a general history, details of specific research projects, broad topics investigated, and available resources (e.g., raw data, academic publications, practitioner-specific technical reports) – all of which are underpinned by a desire to see rigorous science support the stewardship of designated Wilderness and related wildlands.

Christopher Armatas
Research Social Scientist at Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute

Topics of the International Wilderness Week

There will be topics and presentations suitable for everyone’s taste! Here is a short overview of all the topics that we will explore throughout the week:

  • The first two days will focus on Wilderness around the world. We will hear from different projects and areas around the world to shine a light on the diversity of Wilderness. For our topic “Wilderness and humanity“, presenters will talk about the connections between Wilderness and humans. This block shows how diverse the connections of humans to Wilderness are, which place they have in culture and how this influences the relationship with Wilderness.
  • Next is “Protecting Wilderness“. Here, organizations will tell us about their conservation projects – notions and best-practice examples for Wilderness and wildlife protection. The final topic of Wilderness around the world is “The future of Wilderness”. This block will focus on the upcoming generation of Wilderness advocates. We will hear how youth can be involved in Wilderness and how passionate Wilderness enthusiast can find their way into Wilderness conservation.
  • Wednesday is our “Wilderness Community Day“. This whole day is dedicated to the many Wilderness areas around the world and the local communities that experience, protect, and look after them. The audience gets to see videos from some of the most beautiful places around the world and create direct contact with the local commmunities.
  • Thursday and Friday will focus on research related to Wilderness. Thursday is dedicated to the Flora and Fauna of Wilderness. Many inspiring research projects from all over the world will be discussed here!
  • Friday topic will focus “Challenges and Benefits of Wilderness” where speakers will talk about the different challenges to Wilderness in their part of the world. This block also addresses the questions: What are the benefits of Wilderness and how can we use them?

International Wilderness Week – one of a kind event

The first of its kind online International Wilderness Week will take place from 19th to 23rd October 2020. Five days packed with activities and presentations from all over the world will expand your knowledge on Wilderness. Moreover, the online format will allow Wilderness specialists and enthusiasts to connect with each other from the comfort of their homes!

We already have presenters from 5 continents and many different countries like Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, Iran, Palestine, Kenya, South Africa, India, Nepal, United Kingdom, USA, Indonesia.

Are you getting excited already? Because we definitely are! Let’s get inspired and inspire others to protect beautiful, vast, mysterious and unique Wildernesses all around the world! So, register now for the first Ineternational Wilderness Week. If that is not enough, we still encourage you to present your Wilderness story with us. There are some slots available for last-minute submissions, so submit your idea until the end of this week.

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