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The Second International Wilderness Week is back from the 24th to the 28th of January. Last year, despite the lockdown, the first edition of our International Wilderness Week re-connected thousands of people to the natural world outside. With the involvement of like-minded advocates, it helped inspire hope and further action on nature’s behalf, especially now when we have been so strongly reminded just how important the outdoors are to our well-being.

During the five days, Wilderness advocates from around the world will celebrate Wilderness and nature in general with online presentations, discussions, workshops, live excursions, reports from community events, Q&As, join-in-activities and much more! The virtual setup allows us to address and involve all time zones and regions. Providing easy access for everyone.

This year´s objective

This year we will explore the wonders of some of the most iconic habitats on earth. Starting with the mysteries of our oceans and some of the habitats highly influenced by them such as coasts, wetlands and mangroves, then moving onto the wonders of some of the most precious and threatened forests and mountains. From there we will move to the magnificent savannas, grasslands and deserts of our planet and then finish off by putting the focus on humans and wilderness, discussing some of the main challenges, as well as potential solutions.

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The meaning and history of Wilderness is just as diverse as its appearance around the world. Unfortunately, it is disappearing globally at an alarming rate. However, we know there are people everywhere working hard and willing to help preserve these places from their homes and the International Wilderness Week is here to celebrate that by bringing them together to showcase the inspiring work these individuals are doing to protect the wildlife and places that matter to them most.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Alternatively, if you have any other organizations or individuals you think would be appropriate in presenting their work here, please feel free to forward them the link to our presenters page.

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    not it is not too late but we need to postpone it due to covid until beginning of February…more details will follow this week.

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