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The International Wilderness Week is approaching quickly. The only thing still missing – is YOU! The five-day-long Wilderness celebration will start on 19th of October and will be held online. We have opened registration last week, and have already received dozens of registrations. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to meet Wilderness enthusiasts from all over the world!

We are very proud to be organizing this international Wilderness celebration. The first of its kind event is unique because of several reasons:

1. It is a global online conference which caters to all time zones

Currently, most conferences go online due to COVID19 precautions. However, majority of these conferences are tailored to one country or one time zone. So, in order to participate, people from other continents have to go out of their usual schedule to wake up very early or stay up late. On the contrary, the International Wilderness Week’s presentations will cater to all time zones. This allows people to participate in presentations during their work-day hours, regardless of their home continent. The event will start in Asia and Oceania at 11am Western Indonesia Time. 3 hours of content with a break in the middle will be focusing on Asia & Oceania topics. Then the conference will move to Europe & Africa, starting there at 10am Central European Time. Lastly, the conference will virtually travel to the Americas, starting another block of presentations at 11am Eastern Standard Time.

2. The International Wilderness Week will touch on many different topics

Presenters joining this event are from different fields, industries and, of course, countries. Starting from the history and philosophy of Wilderness, we will, just as an example, learn about current research on bats. On the Wilderness Community Day, tour guides will show us the most natural places across the globe, such as in Ecuador. Later we will watch multiple documentaries, for example of old-growth forests in Lithuania. Students will present their research and NGO’s will tell us their success stories in conservation. With such variety of topics, every listener will find something fitting to their taste!

3. Our conference is available to everyone

Usually, to participate in such a global conference, one has to be well connected and active in the respective field. The International Wilderness Week, however, is open to everyone who has internet connection and Zoom supporting device. You can tune in from every corner of the world at any time that suits you! There are no specific requirements for participants nor presenters – you can join even if you are a student, cab driver, researcher, pilot, farmer, retired etc. As long as you are passionate about Wilderness, this conference is for you!

4. The International Wilderness Week is much cheaper than other conferences

The European Wilderness Society is an independent, non-profit organisation who is organising this event without any external funds. We are passionate about safeguarding Wilderness and want to share our enthusiasm with as many people as possible! The set participant fee of 20 € upon registering will cover part of the organisational costs. In return, you receive 5 days packed with 12 hours of content every day! There is no need to buy flight tickets to another continent nor to book expensive hotels for a week. You save a lot of money and receive quality information on conservation and Wilderness around the world.

Do not hesitate – the International Wilderness Week will be an unforgettable celebration, connecting Wilderness enthusiasts from all around the world. This will be a great opportunity to connect, share ideas, learn, and even advertise your local Wilderness areas. Let’s get inspired and inspire others to protect beautiful, vast, mysterious and unique Wildernesses all around the world! So, register now for the first International Wilderness Week.

The speaker’s slots are almost full, but we still have a few vacancies left! Submit your idea now if you would like to share your Wilderness story with the rest of the world!

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