Advisory Board

The European Wilderness Society is enjoying the support of an excellent team of advisors.

As we strive to increase Wilderness in Europe from the current 300 000+ hectares to 500 000 ha by 2020 and 1 000 000 ha by 2030 to expand the European Wilderness Network, we need the support not only of the general public, governments, private landowners and fellow Wilderness advocates in other NGOS but also of a strong advisory team. This team provides us with insights and ideas to guide us along our way and serves as a resource in our decision making process.

  • Prof. Dr. Hannes Knapp, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch, HNE Eberswalde, Germany
  • Gaia Angelini, Lumina Consult, Italy
  • Zoltan Kun, Hungary
  • Roberto Ferrigno, Belgium
  • Dr. Stephen Carver, Wild Land Research Institute, United Kingdom
  • Michael Meyer, ETE, Germany
  • Mauro Belardi, Eliante, Italy

Let´s get wild!

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