Bodo Rossberg (DKfm)

Art Director, based in Tamsweg Head-office

Already as a child I was fascinated by colours, forms and drawings. After a brief career as an officer at the Bundeswehr, I studied and graduated in marketing and business management and quickly found my way into the creative environment of an international publishing company.

As an art director of one of the leading graphics magazines in the German-speaking world, I made the experiences that make my designs so successful today.

Two times in a row my media agency was ranked among the top 5 advertising agencies at the largest creative competition in Austria. Now Europe´s Wilderness also profits from my experience and my creative abilities. My leisure time belongs to my family and exploring nature.

My Motto

Wilderness has its own ideas and does not need us humans, but we need the Wilderness. It gives us humanity and freedom, teaches us respect and reverence.

This motto also fits well with my attitude as a Wilderness advocate.

It is exactly this character that I incorporates into his professional artistic work and assignments. This is a great support for us and Wilderness.

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