Damiano Cilio (MSc)

My passion for animals, there since my childhood, led me to jump into the forestry field almost as a mistake, thinking that the main focus of forestry was wildlife. Instead, I discovered something I didn’t know anything about: forests and trees. This experience unveiled a new world that I soon realised to be mine.

This newly found love for the environment led me to become aware of the efforts necessary to sustainably manage and protect our planet and of the role that all of us play in that. Among others, I have understood that communication, a bottom-up approach and social inclusiveness are key to achieving positive results.

During my studies, I have focused on forest ecology and sustainable forest management, but I have always wanted to contribute to nature conservation as well. Working for the European Wilderness Society has allowed me to go back to my initial passion, but also to contribute my experience and passion for forests, communication and youth engagement to conservation.

Coming from Italy, with studying and working experiences in several European countries (mostly countries with a lot of snow!), I am glad to be located in the heart of the Alps as part of the international EWS team.

I currently am the coordinator of the communication team of LIFE Apollo2020 and I am also contributing to developing various project proposals.