Emma Rubín

Hello world!

I am eighteen years old and I have joined the EWS team recently as an European Solidarity Corps volunteer. It is definitely being an adventure getting used to this new lifestyle in Tamsweg (Lungau). But I must say, that even though it isn’t being so easy, It has already made me learn a lot of different things.

Since I was little, I have always had a strong relationship with nature. My family has always made sure to spend time outdoors, hiking, going on trips, etc… Therefore, wildlife holds a special place in my heart. It is a great space to get your head off things and to realize how little our own problems really are, or at least that is what nature means to me.

During High school I was especially interested in biology and politics. During that time, I started to look into nature conservation and environmental law. I realized that I would like to contribute to the cause and I would love to be able to learn and grow in the process.

Also, to be able to find solutions and to create plans to help the environmental issues to get better, International cooperation is needed. The EWS team is a pretty good representation of “international”. That is something I like.

I am lucky to be part of the team and I am looking forward to see what is coming.