Gintare Amber Tamulyte (BSc)

I am a devoted and passionate nature lover from Lithuania. I grew up surrounded by lakes and forests and have always enjoyed roaming in the wild. So I am more than excited to finally call myself a Wilderness volunteer! I am eager to join the team, contribute and learn more about conservation in Europe.

I have graduated from BSc Zoology at the University of Exeter (UK) where I deepened my understanding on wonders of the natural world, human-wildlife conflict, species evolution and conservation management. I have had many field trips (locally and internationally in Scotland and Indonesia), where I had hands-on experience on IDing and surveying animals, plants and habitats. These skills came in handy during my internship in the largest national park of Lithuania in Dzūkija region. It was a wonderful experience to follow one of the employees around vast pine forests and into the fascinating Cepkeliai Wilderness. For the last few years I have been working in the Environmental Protection Department under the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania, Klaipėda’s office. My daily duties included enforcing businesses and individuals to obey environmental laws and by doing so minimize the harm that they do for the environment.

I am looking forward as a volunteer to contributing with my skills to the great work of European Wilderness Society. I am sure that upcoming year will be filled with adventures, lessons and challenges, which will make me learn and grow. So let’s get wild!