Julia Ramsauer (MSc)

I am a nature lover, devoted conservationist, and world explorer from Austria. I don’t only love to explore all the beautiful sights of our planet, but also different academic fields. I started my career studying Media and Communication Studies in my hometown Klagenfurt. When I finished this degree, I didn’t really see myself working in the field of media but rather wanted to work towards protecting the planet and its natural wonders. I ended up studying a Bachelors in Biology at the University of Graz, followed by a Masters in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resource Management in Spain and Portugal – an Erasmus Mundus program. The diversity of my education has shaped my view of the world and the interconnected problems conservation is facing.

Throughout my studies, I was ambitious to gain experience in the field of nature conservation. I studied endangered giraffes in Kenya and supported a conservancy in managing human-wildlife conflicts; I spend one semester in Australia, focusing on marine biology and landscape ecology; I volunteered on Bali in a bird conservation project; and eventually I worked in a research center in Spain, investigating forest biodiversity, climate change, and ecosystem services.

It’s obvious that I love traveling. Besides that, I am a passionate writer and science communicator, in English, German and Spanish!