Timothy Sung

As a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, I have taken a break from my studies in Geography, Politics and German to join the team here at the European Wilderness Society in Tamsweg.

Originally from the UK, I am just at the start of my journey in the conservation sector but have already taken every opportunity presented to me during my studies to immerse myself more in the world of nature. I have spent considerable amounts of time in Canada, China and Germany, which have helped me appreciate the beauty of nature and the need for its protection. During my summer in China, I worked for a mangrove conservation NGO, where I became acquainted with international marine conservation policy, nature education, and species-specific protection strategies. I have recently finished my Erasmus+ exchange year in the wonderful town of Freiburg im Breisgau. Here, I was lucky enough to discover the stunning environments of the nearby Black Forest and the Upper Rhine Plain, further motivating me to delve into nature conservation. It is a privilege to have spent time in all these wonderful places and cultures. Thus, I am excited to bring these experiences to the diverse and multicultural team at the European Wilderness Society and also to our work with international partners on protecting nature and Wilderness.

My focus at the European Wilderness Society is on providing project and policy support on all the projects we are currently involved in. I am excited to discover more about the multi-faceted nature of protected area management, explore the structures involved with environmental policy in a European context, and to help bridge the science-policy interface.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time in nature, whether it be canoeing on lakes and rivers, or hiking and cycling in the mountains. All in all, I look forward to contributing to the efforts of the European Wilderness Society and learning more about nature protection, all whilst spending time in the lovely Lungau area of Austria.