Živa Alif (BA)

I am a freshly-graduated biologist, excited to finally put my skills into practice and to make a small contribution to my passion, nature conservation. I am a member of European Wilderness Society, based in the main office in Tamsweg, Austria.

My love for spending time in undisturbed nature motivated me to study biology. Through the undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford I have further deepened my enthusiasm for nature conservation. My interests in this field are wide, stretching from modelling of butterfly population dynamics for my thesis, to work on human-wildlife conflict in Slovenia.

I strongly believe in the need to conserve Europe’s wildest places and their biodiversity. Therefore, I am thrilled to volunteer with European Wilderness Society through the European Solidarity Corps for the next 12 months. I enjoy living in the mountains, which enables me to explore the natural beauty of the area through many hikes.