Biff Houlston

Biff Houlston

From England with Dutch roots, I lived in various parts of the UK and spent some time in the Netherlands. Making friends quickly and learning the quirks of different, but sometimes similar, cultures became a commonplace for me. I soon enjoyed moving to new and different places however a common theme throughout each move was my passion for wildlife.

Specialist in Herpetology

I graduated from Bath Spa University after reading part time for a bachelor’s degree in Biology. In conjunction with studying, I started my own business as a Field Ecologist with a specialisation in Herpetology. Through my work I funded myself to volunteer and participate in conservation throughout Southern England. My main focuses were bats but my real passion was reptiles and amphibians. Working alongside some incredible people and devoted specialists I found myself wanting to contribute to conservation in a grander scale than Southern England.


So when given the chance to ski and work in nature conservation, in the Alps no less, I grabbed the chance offered to me by the European Wilderness Society and funded through the European Solidarity Corps to learn more about Wilderness in Europe in the next 12 months. Here I hope to make a difference on a larger scale.

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