Helena Hieke

As a junior in the 6th semester majoring in International Forest Ecosystem Management I’m thrilled to volunteer and doing my Internship with European Wilderness Society through the Interreg Volunteer Youth program for the next 6 months.

I am passionate about forest ecosystems and wildlife biology and have a particular interest in wildlife management, conservation work, and Beech Forests. So, this is a perfect opportunity to gain deeper practical experiences and exert my gained theoretical knowledge into the projects.

Mainly working in the BEECH POWER project my studies prepared me quite well for that and also my interest in them. For me, beech forests are a unique ecosystem with a high potential for the coming years. When I am taking a walk, childhood memories are coming up because I loved to play in the surrounding beech forests in my hometown and it’s also really soothing for me to take a walk in those forests. I am excited helping in the project to improve the management quality and effectiveness to safeguard the ecosystem integrity of World Heritage beech forest component parts.

Another plus factor is the beautiful Lungau area, in which Tamsweg is embedded and where I am happy to live for the next months. I love having mountains around me to go for a walk and hiking.

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